Thursday, 28 March 2013

IndustryMonitor.Co: Solar Storage 2013

This report provides a detailed analysis and forecast of the markets for energy storage for the solar industry with coverage of both the photovoltaics (PV) and concentrated solar power (CSP) sectors.  Opportunities are identified for the full range of storage options including batteries, supercapacitors and mechanical systems.

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A lot has happened since NanoMarkets last examined this market.  Perhaps most dramatically, small PV installations, which just a year ago would never have considered installing any kind of storage facility are now being pushed into buying batteries because of declining feed-in tariffs (FiTs) and other subsidy reductions.  At the same time, utility-scale solar – both PV and CSP – are also adopting strategies for large-scale storage solutions and in some cases such storage is even being mandated by government.  Meanwhile, Smart Grid deployment is continuing to drive solar energy storage markets as grids find that they need storage a way of protecting the grid from the variability implicit in all solar generation technologies.

This report also contains discussions of how the leading firms in the energy storage space are adapting their products and product strategies for solar markets.  In addition, many examples are also given of solar installations that are using storage in ways that suggest new directions for revenue generation in this sector.

Finally, this report assesses all the currently available storage technologies for the storage of solar generated power and determines how they can fit into solar industry landscape, both now and in the future.  The report also quantifies all the major markets for solar-related energy storage in an eight-year market forecast in both volume and value terms. This market forecast is broken out both by technology and the region into which the solar storage products are expected to be sold.

Related Report:

The objective of this report identifies and quantifies the opportunities, challenges, and prospects for growth of smart mirrors. Specifically, it analyzes the capabilities of current and likely future smart mirror technologies and how these technologies may be deployed in both automotive and non-automotive applications.

Smart technologies covered in the report include the following:

Self-dimming technology, which is further broken out into electrochromic and “other” self-dimming technologies in the automotive sector. Note that the “other” category includes such technologies as photochromic systems, thermochromic systems, and suspended particle devices. Also note that, because of the early stage of the market and because of the minimal penetration of self-dimming into non-automotive applications for smart mirrors, this category is not further broken out in the household/consumer, healthcare/medical, or advertising/marketing forecasts.

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